Saturday, September 10, 2011

Creative Inspiration

I am often asked where does my inspiration come from -- even my best guess would have landed on something like "I don't know exactly - specific images just enter my mind and exit via my sketchpad (in most cases)."

But then some weeks back -
At about 4 am - I woke up to some words that entered my mind before I opened my eyes.
Apparently I had become sleepy while sketching & I had forgot to turn off the television (happens alot!).

Carrying on with the original thought - The words I heard through my sleep some hours later were from a religious program on some "off channel" .... I have no idea how the TV was tuned to that space...

What I heard was the following sentence (and the truth of it woke me up instantly) - "Inspiration paints the image of what is to be in our mind."

I know the gentleman who spoke the sentence was not speaking of artistic inspiration...but I also know that all inspiration is equal and unto the same.

My brain wrapped the rest of the words below around his point of absolute truth ....and now I know why I am always anxious to move forward to the next thing ...and then the onto the next with such furry. I understand why art - craft and creativity -will move forward with a life of its own, even if I or anyone were to try to jump off the creativity train...

The Rest of the "WORDS"

"Inspiration is the harbinger of the future, it is the seed that paints the image of what is to be in your mind.

Creativity is the undeniable universal seed of existence. Your hands are the tools that bring it into being once the seeds have been sown. Like the hands -so our words become the seeds of healing. With that being said, what inspires us are the seeds of our future.

Why must we create and inspire others to create? Because when we are creating we have become our own evangelistic force to shine a light over doubt which is hiding in all the dark corners in our minds. We own the responsibility to shine that light in order to move forward so we do not lose our way on the path to overcome all that ails us. This becomes the answer to the question, "why now?"
Somehow, even through my rough sentences -- I felt others with the same driving force to create would understand exactly what I was hearing - and subsequently what I keep saying with my sketch pad ...even to those people who think they are idle and not listening.

Funny - I always have to marvel at how stuff really works.

I always liked to think that when these rather preachy religious shows pop on the screen, that I too -- I am idle and not listening. Apparently the mind is never truly idle.

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