Friday, June 24, 2011

Altered Couture is a a Secret Love of mine

I have always loved the art of altered couture, ever since I learned that I am not so great at sewing, but always wished for a little more in the outfits that I am attracted too. That's when I figured with all the great fabric paints now available why not just move my painting skills to fabric. So here you see the altered couture outfits that I created (some elements are stitched into being from raw materials, when I say "stitched" I mean by hand with thread and needle, I do not own a sewing machine). Smokin Shambhala and the practice of Modern Macrame are the focus of my next two books (Fox Chapel Publishing) due out late next year. We begin project set up and photography for the books in the first weeks of August this year...yep only a few weeks away the process will begin when I travel to Pennsylvania for the photo shoots.

I have two beautiful manikins - who wear my creations well... I am so grateful for their statuesque beauty and to have them just for the fun of giant barbie dolls in house. Here my Platinum Blond is wearing my Steam Punk Wedding Gown

(which includes the hand painted Hat with Veil, Hand beaded Choker Necklace, Hand Stitched Edwardian style Corset which is painted and beaded - Painted and beaded three tier petty coat, and the hand painted and beaded dress with crystal and pearl caplets at the shoulders.)Oh and I forgot to mention the FEATHERS.... I love feathers the steam punk outfit is laded with white ostrich and turkey feathers... you can see them here at the top and bottom of the corset...but are also included on the Coachmen's Hat. Also on the hat you'll see antique french lace which is bead with pearls and Swarovski Crystals.... along with three hand rolled satin roses.

Smokin Shambhala is the second outfit in 2011, just completed for a trade show debut in Milwaukee, WI. She is wearing a hand painted gamblers hat, also sporting Turkey Feathers in the form of brown and black feather floral fascinators. There is again beaded and sequined french lace and hand knotted modern macrame(Shambhala) as the hand band.... and all through out the outfit.

The greatest challenge was painting the Liquid Black Leggins... it was an interesting fabric to work with. My favorite portion of the Shambhala outfit was creating the Tulle and feather Bustle.

Modern Macrame, or Shambhala as it s know in the Eastern Cultures, is an incredible zen craft. Meaning that it is relaxing to do and you end up with such beautiful works of art that you can wear.

Here you see my Steam Punk Shambhala (design: "Frozen in Time")

But the design possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

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