Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Individual Hand Painted Bangle Snippet

East Oriental Dancer

Individual Video Snippet

Eastern Spice

Sweltering heat, sun baked earth and sand, sporatic plam trees peppering the landscape.... you can almost taste dried dates and fresh figs. The coffee is strong and sweet, in the markets the smell of spice is hangs thick in the air.

When the sun dies down and night sky blankets the horizon, the music raises up and the celebrations begin. It's here in the images set forth on this hand painted bangle, which has been created in a style reminiscent of the old world tapestries.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For Jackie, A Pictorial Evolution of the Belly Dancer

From the humility found in the delicate face of a desert flower.... the beautiful bedouin girl thrives.

On to the sensual showmenship era that developed  much later. The expressive fluidity of motion that makes up the foundation of the belly dance is nothing less than art. 

This bangle was designed to reflect a bit of the rich history in a way that only an image can convey. Finally a sketch is worked out, hand painted touches are the inclusion of Designer Bindi --accented by Swarovski Crystals.