Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bajidoo at the Craft & Hobby (CHA) tradeshow in LA 2011

A progress report on the craft and hobby Tradeshow effort for the LA 2011 Jan 28th show. As some of you know Viva Decor decided to create a themed booth this year, mastered after the Song by Billy idol, White Wedding.

With that in mind we have been working on the Rock wedding ...Steampunk theme corset and dress ...since November... first we began with the corset(Edwardian style).

Hundereds of hours later and lots of fabric paint, beads, crystals feathers and Tulle and we have a dress in progress:

As the dress began to emerge, the feeling of accomplishment moved from fun to truly excited... we added the Crystal Coachmens Hat. . . .

Now with only 22 days to go we are in the home stretch! if your in LA on Jan 28th ...come to the convention center for the CHA and visit Bajidoo in the Viva Decor Booth to see the Bajidoo SteamPunk Wedding Gown for yourself:

Follow our progress on facebook or on Twitter or come see us at the show!



Jenna Powell said...

I want this corset!! Please advise on the price :D (I messaged you on facebook as well)


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the price for this whole outfit?